Top Online Movie Rental – Is Netflix Really Top Notch Service?

The very best internet film rental companies may not be the ones that you see the most commercials. Just because a company has a lot of funds in their advertising budget does not necessarily mean that they are offering a quality product.

Netflix appears to have the market cornered in regards to online movies. If you were to ask a child for example what their favorite movie to rent from an internet venue would be they would probably come up with the answer of Finding Nemo or Cars. Disney-Pixar movies are often some of the best online sellers out there and people like ดูหนังออนไลน์ Jeffrey Katzenberg have made a ton of money investing in the animated film genre and come out with quite a loot.

Katzenberg was big in the development of movies like Shrek and Shark Tale. Those two films did very well in the online rental genre many due to the affection that kids have for the films. Some of Katzenberg’s movies that did not do well in the online rental department would be Bee Movie.

Katzenberg is one of the wealthiest producers in Hollywood as he and others seem prepared to be ready for the changes in the way that movies are delivered to your home. One of the largest problems with Netflix is some of the communication breakdowns with the post office particularly if the post office is just hiring some new personnel. Sometimes the movies can take three or four days or a week in order to get there.

If you have invited people over for a certain date to watch a movie that can be quite frustrating when it doesn’t show up. An alternative to Netflix truly hasn’t stepped up on a national stage and until it does we will have to deal with these inefficiencies.

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