Three Steps to Picking Horse Racing Winners With a Simple Racing System

There are few thrills in life equal to handicapping a horse race and picking a winner. Seeing the horse that you personally picked and bet on coming down the home stretch in front will certainly get your heart pumping and it is good for the wallet, too. Just betting on the favorite or a horse because it is pretty is all right if that is all you want to do and you aren’t concerned with making money betting on horse races, but if you want to try a little harder and have more than a few winners, there are a few steps in a simple horse racing system that will help you to improve your horse racing handicapping.

The process of picking winners can be broken down into three major factors of horse racing. While just handicapping these three factors and applying them to your picks, won’t necessarily make you a profit in the long run, it will help you to pick more winners and fewer losers. Let’s face it, no one likes backing losers. It just isn’t fun.

The first place to start is with your choice  anddatos americanas hoy  of bets. Win bets are probably the best because they are the simplest and usually pay the best as far as the track takeout and other expenses like breakage. There is no need to go into the intricacies of how the money is divided or what the track takes. For now, just know that win bets are about the best value at the track.

When looking for a winner in a horse race there are three things to consider. Speed, Class, and Form are the three factors. Speed means how fast a horse runs for the entire distance of the race. The speed figures are usually easy enough to find and adding the last two or three will give you a pretty good idea of which horse is the fastest. I suggest putting the speed rank beside each horses name in the past performances, so the horse with the fastest average speed would get a 1, the next fastest a 2, and so forth.

The next important factor is class. Class means the quality of the horses the horse has recently raced against. If you want to cash winning tickets at the horse races, you must pay attention to class. The best way to figure class is by he amount of money the horse has been racing for. Look at the purse value for each horse in its last three races and add it up. The higher the purses, the more class the horse has. We’ll adjust this in a minute with a form rating. so don’t worry if the horse didn’t do well in those races.

After you’ve added the purse figures for the last three races for each horse, order them from the highest to the lowest and put the number beside each horse’s name.

The final factor to consider is form. Form means how well the horse has raced recently, in other words, what kind of physical shape is this runner in? The best way to judge that is by adding the finish position of the horse in it’s last three races. This time, the lower the number the better. For instance, if a horse won its last race, was second in the race before that and fourth in the race before that one, it would get a 1, 2, 4. Adding those numbers up you would get a 7. Add each horse’s last three race finishes up and give it a number. Then, once again, rank them from 1 for the best, or lowest number, to the highest number. Remember, the horse with the lowest number is the best one and should be number 1.

Place the horse’s form rank beside its name. You now have a number each of the three factors to rate the horses. Add those numbers together and the top two horses will often produce a winner. This simple horse racing system is just meant for entertainment and should not be considered a way to make a living. Horse racing systems can be helpful and sometimes even profitable, but the best ones are more detailed than this simple recreational horse racing system.


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