Sprint’s Six-Katana Arsenal

This summer, Sanyo and Sprint roll out no less than six new Katana model cell phones, designed to replace the original Sanyo Katana line. They are, in no particular order: the Katana II Pink Fascination, the Katana II Midnight Steel, the Katana II Cosmic Black, the Katana DLX Pink Satin, the Katana DLX Platinum Ice, and the Katana DLX Champagne.

At first, this might seem like an utterly bewildering array of cell phones… but all is not as complex as it might seem. Sanyo’s six new cell phones are really just color variations on two basic models: the mid-range Katana II (a stylish general-use phone with a VGA camera) and the more powerful, media-centric Katana DLX (a deluxe model with a 1+ megapixel camera and built-in media player).

The Katana II

Comparable to the Motorola RAZR in many respects katana, the Katana II is an update of the already-thin Sanyo Katana, featuring a similar form factor and sleek design. The Katana II has been updated with 21 MB of onboard memory, Bluetooth capability, built-in text / SMS messaging and Web browsing, and a serviceable built-in VGA camera, and ships in three models, all of which differ only in color: your basic Cosmic Black, the considerably more feminine Pink Satin, and the metallic Midnight Steel.

While it lacks some of the features that make the Katana DLX so attractive by comparison, the Katana II is a worthy mid-range phone with plenty to offer the casual user, although it may just whet the appetite for the more full-featured DLX.

The Katana DLX

For those with more powerful mobile features in mind, the Katana DLX is a “deluxe” version of the Sanyo Katana. With all the feature of the Katana II, the Katana DLX also features an 18-bit display, 500-contact phone book, a built-in music player, and a 1+ megapixel digital camera capable of video capture and streaming multimedia.

In addition, the Katana DLX is EV-DO capable, meaning the cell phone can be used as a wireless modum with a portable computer. Add to this the longer battery life and a slimmer form factor, and the Katana DLX becomes a powerful cell phone without a staggering price tag.

The Katana DLX comes in three colors: The Pink Satin, the glossy metallic Platinum Ice, and the Champagne (an elegant pinkish hue).

While both the Katana II and the Katana DLX are worthy successors to Sanyo’s slim Katana line, the DLX definitely offers more bang for the buck, with an updated camera, EV-DO capability, and a built-in music player. With these six new cell p coming onto the market, however, the discerning consumer will certainly have no shortage of choices.

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