Select the Right Biometric Identification System For the Utmost Security

Biometric security system is based on the individual’s unique behavioral and physiological traits, features which can not be duplicated or tampered. Few traits like the fingerprint, iris of the individuals get developed during the zygote formation in the mother’s womb. Through out the life span of the human beings, the fingerprints or the iris gets a very little change. Thus, the biological traits are a major reason to trust the biometric security control biometrico systems.

A biometric identification system not only identifies the fingerprint or the iris but also as per the recent development, the various identification systems is relying on face and voice recognition. Now, the problem is with the availability of so many biometric identification systems, people should implement which one to achieve the best security! Some facts related to these biometric identification based security systems will help you to decide the best security solution for you.

Different Biometric Security Systems:

With the availability of lot many options, if you are confused with the selection of which security solution should you trust on then, here are some facts that will help you to better decide the correct one for your campus.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader:

Starting with the biometric fingerprint reader, it is a small device with an exceptional capability of matching the fingerprints which remains the same among the individuals throughout their life. With an easy availability in the market this device requires an easy installation along with that an easy maintenance procedure. Then, why you should try something else or why some other biometric solution got developed? If that is your question then here are some flaws that can be encountered when you will rely completely on the biometric fingerprint devices.

Resulting Flaws with Biometric Fingerprint Reader:

With the biometric fingerprint reader the resulting flaws are as follows:

• Less capacity for storage. Therefore it would not be applicable for managing the huge bulk load

• Fingerprint reader needs to be punched which makes the system slow.

• Achieving 100% accuracy is a problem with the biometric fingerprint reader.

Biometric Voice / Iris Recognition System:

With other biometric security devices that are based on voice recognition or iris recognition, the problem remains still the same. That means, if there is a change in the voice which is very natural or if the biometric device is not getting a direct eye contact then it will not be able to recognize the features. Just think once, if some day you are changing a bit of your appearance and you are not being recognized! How awful situation isn’t it?

Biometric Face Identification System:

With the newest invention of biometric face recognition system, you do not have to rely on a particular biological feature but you have to get recognized by your face with the electronic device. The biometric face identification system is based on face recognition technology. The face recognition software captures the facial details of the individuals and generates a unique face ID and stores the data along with other personal details during the initial enrollment process.

The facial details might include the distance between the eyes, lips, ears etc. which is then stored inside the database of the computer. When the individual visits the premise next time, then the face recognition system captures the facial details again and matches the new patterns with the old stored patterns. When it finds a match, it grants the authentication or authorization depending on the need of the premise.

How is it Advantageous from other Biometric Solutions?

To decide which security solution is the best, it is necessary to have an in depth knowledge of the various security systems based on certain constraints. Face recognition system compared to the other security

systems possesses the following advantages:

• The face recognition system can manage a huge database therefore it is not a problem; the device is being used for which environment.

• With the recognition of face, the system eliminates the buddy punching system.

• It is much more efficient than fingerprint reader and other biometric security systems.

• Accuracy and perfection is 100% achieved.

• From the point of reliability, availability and usability face recognition system is far better than other biometric security systems.

Accompanying with all the advantages biometric face identification system can be installed at different premises. Thus, to achieve complete security at the premises, biometric face recognition system is the best option. Based on the above stated fact now decide the best security solution as ‘your security is now your concern’.

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