Recent Trends in Women’s Leather Jackets

It came in shoes first, then in bags, and leather jackets now it is stealing the hearts of the fairer gender in the form of jackets. Leather has always been a wonder material when it comes to making accessories. Besides the sturdiness of the material that is almost taken for granted, leather is also stealing the show with the variety of looks. The ladies certainly could not stay away from the charm of leather, especially when they were presented with the option of having it on themselves in the form of jacket. Traditionally a garment for men, women’s leather jackets have grabbed a chunk of the market and seems to be growing every passing day.

Gone are the days when women and girls were cherished only in dresses and skirts, and as we can see on-screen today. Leather garments happen to be the trend of the time. The development of tanning and the range of colors that can be available in leather have also added to the cause of generating considerable stir among the girls for this material. Besides the general black and brown leather jackets and the variations in the shades, leather jackets for women are also available in different shades of pink, red, blue, green, white etc. The texture also differs depending on the type of leather (lamb skin, calf skin etc).

The bomber leather jackets, which were worn in the early 1900’s by bomber pilots and were popularized later among the common people, are also an option with the girls. In simple words, it is no longer the sole territory of tough men. The biker jackets have also gained massive popularity among the women not only from the west but from all over the world. The movies that have glorified this material can be held responsible for popularizing leather jackets in all corners of the globe.

Many believe that leather jackets are not feminine enough to be worn by all women. This is, however, not true. While it is a fact that the androgynous fashion quotient is more prominent in leather garment, it is also a fact that there are many different ways of wearing it. When paired with the right accessories, leather can also be given a very feminine touch. The cut and the style of women’s leather jacket are usually kept very feminine. The detailing and the curves are maintained in all the right places to bring out and enhance the shape of the wearer.

Leather jackets are usually crafted in ways that it can be worn at any occasion. Some are formal enough to be carried to the work place every day. The same jacket can be paired with other items of clothing to make it suitable for club wear, party wear or, every-other-day grocery shopping wears. Versatility of leather is one of its most appreciated characteristics, and has also appealed to women from all parts of the society. Availability of leather jackets for women is now made simpler by the option of shopping online.

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