Putting the Finishing Touches on a Website With Powerful Joomla Modules

Joomla modules are an important part of the extensions. They provide website owners with the ability to create various articles and display content in a numerous of different ways. The Joomla community has created many modules that can be implemented in websites. Here are the ones that come with the basic installation.

Latest News is a great module that can be implemented into a website. It summarizes the recent articles. A user can choose to display only articles from certain categories. The Most Read module is good for  ble module  displaying the most popular articles. An article’s popularity is based on the number of views. Using the Related Articles module can be very helpful. It can search through a variety of keywords in order to find relevant information that might be interesting to the reader.

Apart from organizing content, modules can be used for displaying various other things. Components create content that needs to be displayed. The modules are responsible for actually displaying this content in the desired way.

There are various Utilities modules that a site owner can take advantage of in Joomla. The Search box is a good way to find information fast and without too many clicks. Another module creates a feed for the website, which can be used by other websites. Of course, there is a useful Statistics module, which gathers various data about the website.

By far, the most important module is the Login form. It allows administrators and users to access the website. In Joomla this is known as the “front door” and the “back door” options. The front door access is for regular users only, and doesn’t give administrative powers.

Joomla modules have basic parameters that can be edited – the title, the module’s position on the website, turning the module on and off, and determining who can access the extension. A module can be displayed on all pages or only on certain pages. If it is turned off, then it will not be displayed. If a module’s content is not changed too often, a user can chose for it to be cached. This will load the page faster, but will not provide real-time content.


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