Pamper Yourself with At-Home Spa Treatment

People have busy lives and we are constantly dealing with stress. Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom or a corporate executive, we all have important tasks to achieve on a daily basis and we are always on the move Citurs Bath, trying to please others and cater to them. That’s fine, just as long as we get to have a moment to relax and rejuvenate ourselves so we can start each day(or week) fresh.

Now, what can we do to relax and rejuvenate our minds? Soaking in an aromatherapy bath will do the trick. There are all kinds of bath products available for you to pamper yourself with. If you enjoy taking a bath, there are bath salts, bath bubbles, Bath Bombs, which come in variety of scents. Soak away your stress with the bath product of your choice – turn out your bright bathroom light, light a candle or two, put your head on a bath pillow and you are good to go. Close your eyes and enjoy the wonderful scent.(But don’t fall a sleep in the tub!) Of course if you can afford a day spa on a regular basis, it would be the best way to really pamper yourself, but in my opinion, the do-it-yourself spa is just as good as the real one. Here are 3 big reasons why: 1) You can set up your special bath time whenever you want. No set time or date. No appointment necessary. 2)You can enjoy a luxurious bath from the comfort of your own home. So if you have little kids, there is no need to hire a baby sitter. Put them to bed at night and you have all the time you need for your home spa treatment. 3) It’s affordable! A visit to a day spa is nice, but it’s definitely not cheap.

If you are not so much a bath person, then turn your shower into a relaxation zone. If you have a high pressure, massage shower head, perfect! If you don’t, I highly recommend you consider buying one. A good quality shower head can easily be found at a reasonable price. You can even get one as a gift in addition to a bath and body gift set that you may be considering buying for someone

More and more people are choosing handmade soaps nowadays, as they are more beneficial to the skin. Generic, store-bought soaps are usually stripped of the vital ingredients, and are oftentimes damaging and harmful to our skin. Those who have switched to handmade soaps know immediately the difference between handmade soaps and the generic ones, as they can immediately see and feel the effect.

Also, handmade soaps have more variety. They can cure diseases, can help relax a person, calming him down, and can even bring the outdoors to a person, thanks to the ingenuity of soap makers. A person who needs to feel relaxed after a long and tiring day can try lavender for its soothing properties; while those who wish for instant refreshment can try a citrus scent.

Soaps are meant to nourish a person’s skin, but it now also serves to relax and soothe a person, thanks to the many wonderful scents that soap makers have added to soaps. These also being natural and handmade, they double as soothers and nurturers. They are also not tested on animals, and are more environment-friendly. Albeit they cost a bit more than your usual, generic, manufactured soaps, all these benefits are priceless, and should not be compromised for a few dollars.

Some examples of scented soaps include chamomile, which is also meant to soothe allergies of the skin; coconut for those beach days or coconut vanilla for a tamer scent; cucumber with aloe Vera helps nourish the skin while giving off a great scent; milk honey for that delicious scent and body moisturizing agent; papaya for a summer scent; sandalwood for those who like musky scents. Flower scents are also a favourite of many people, such as frangipani, freesia, the popular jasmine, rose, vanilla, violet, and wild carnation. There is also chocolate soap, chocolate mint, and a variety of citrus soap, which seems to be gaining popularity. Citrus is known for its crisp smell that instantly refreshes and awakens a person, and today’s stressful environment calls for a soap just like that. Citrus is mixed in with other ingredients such as cedar and basil, to name a few. Mint is also a popular type of soap because of the tingling sensation that it offers, making skin feel rejuvenated and at the same time giving a person an uplifting, minty scent.

When thinking of baths, people often think of babies smelling good, and who doesn’t want to smell like one? Milk is another favorite among many, not only because of its strong moisturizing properties, but also because of its baby-like smell. Milk is perhaps the most associated smell with babies, and every person wants to smell as fresh as a baby out of bath. Because of its popularity, like citrus it has been mixed with a variety of smells and nourishing ingredients

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