Home Heaters – Choosing A Heater To Suit Your Property

These days, there are a great many different types of home heaters, which can make it overwhelming if you are trying to select the best type of heater for your home. The choices are varied, but a good place to start is by considering budget, alongside of the type of fuel required for the heating and the regularity with which you are likely to use the heater in your particular location.

Among the most common types of home heaters are the following:

Electric heating – Types of electric heating include fan heaters and radiators. Electric heaters can be mounted on walls, such as radiators in bathrooms, but they are also very convenient if you want a heater that is portable and can be stored when not in use.

Gas heating – A fixed gas heater is a popular choice if you make more regular use of your heating and want something more cost effective. Gas is often cheaper than electricity, which makes it an appealing option.

Underfloor heating – This is more frequently used in bathrooms, but can equally be used throughout the house, depending upon the needs you have for heating. Many people find this type of home heating to be appealing as it is out of gas heaters sight, however it can be significantly more expensive to install, particularly when there is a lot of labour in lifting floors and so on.

Wood fire heating – Wood fire heaters are a good, renewable option and have a charm to them similar to an open fire. These are self contained, so less smoky and they are highly effective. Depending upon the size of space you need to heat, these are available in corresponding sizes. If you live on a property with easy access to fallen wood, these can be a perfect heating solution, particularly if gas is not readily available. For families or homeowners living in the city, there are outlets where you can purchase wood to fuel a wood fire.

Each of these types of home heaters has negative and positive points. If you’re based in the northern regions of Australia, you may not use a heater as frequently as those in the southern parts of the country. In these cases, a basic electric heater that can be stowed away may be the best option. However, in the more arid southern areas, more permanent and efficient types of heating such as gas and wood fire heaters can be a wise investment for your property.

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