Fluoride Water Filter

We know we are supposed to drink a lot of water to stay healthy, but who wants to drink dirty or harmful water? And why waste money buying bottled water for a dollar that costs 5 cents to bottle? This problem can be solved by installing a fluoride water filtration system to your kitchen faucet. You will get clean, great tasting water immediately, and you can feel confident that you are maintaining a very healthy body.

One of the most popular water filters for eliminating fluoride is this Crystal Quest F- Plus counter top filter. This filter sits on the counter and can be easily connected to any faucet. A valve allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. This system can be backwashed very simply, and it needs to be backwashed at least every 6 months.

This sealed filter the latest water purifying technology to reduce or completely eliminate harmful metals such as chlorine, lead, cadmium, and iron – and this list is just a small subset. It also reduces fluoride in your water to less than ½ particles per million (ppm). It is very light at only 7 pounds and requires very little maintenance.

The Doulton HCPS Twin Countertop Filter is another option that you have for a very effective fluoride filter. This filter has two housings – one for filtering? and another for filtering fluoride. It requires a simple installation to your existing water faucet, but it is not permanent and can be disconnected and moved as needed. It removes bacteria, chemicals, metals, and of course, fluoride. No electricity is needed, and there is no holding tank.

If you want the purest water that you can get, you need to take a look at this Double 7 Stage water filter made by Crystal Quest. Water goes through 7 stages of filtration before it gets to you. The first stage is the fluoride removal stage where it gets the fluoride levels down to.5 ppm. The second stage is the 6-step process which removes hundreds of contaminates.

This is one of the most dependable and longest lasting water filters on the market. It hooks up easily to just about any kitchen faucet, and has a diverted valve for filtered and unfiltered water. It comes in a decorative stainless steel housing so you won’t have the cheap plastic look sitting on your counter. It filters.75 to 1 gallon per minute and will filter 10,000 gallons of water brita water tastes weird over its lifetime. It will generally last an average household from 1 to 3 years.

Live in an apartment or travel a lot? Then you don’t want to miss this reverse osmosis portable water filter. It is absolutely perfect if you go places without a clean water supply. The point of this filter is to attach is to the water system and then store its filtered water in a container for later use. It can filter 50 gallons a day and makes about 2 gallons an hour. It even regulates the temperate of the water sending it out at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you are done with it, simply unhook and store for the next time you need it.


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