Colorado Random Drug Testing – Reasons Why Companies Should Test

Businesses in Colorado who have a drug-free policy have the right to know if their employees are under the influence of drugs while they are at work. Colorado has the fourth highest number of number of marijuana users in the United States with around 370,000 users according to research published by The Denver Post. Colorado has almost 20 medical use patients for every 1,000 residents of the state and “twice the number of medical-marijuana patients per capita as California,” according to the report. Any employer with a drug-free policy who does not require random drug testing needs to be aware of these statistics.

If you are still not convinced, did you know that Colorado’s 809 operating marijuana dispensaries are marihuana kaufen online “five times per capita the estimated number in California” according to this report? The easy access to marijuana in Colorado is the reason why the state has been dubbed the marijuana capital of the United States.

Marijuana users are well aware of ways to get a negative drug test result if they know ahead of time that they will be tested at work. They know that abstaining for a week before a test will probably give them a clean test result unless they are very heavy pot users. They are also aware of the products sold online and by some businesses in Colorado to detoxify their systems from any evidence. Exact instructions on how to trick the test are clearly stated at many different websites, explaining exactly how long to abstain from marijuana until the test, and then the employee is free to smoke again until the next scheduled testing time.

This is exactly why random drug testing is needed in Colorado. The element of surprise is enough to keep some smokers off the pot for fear of losing their jobs. There is no telling when the boss may come up to them and tell them to leave immediately for the drug testing company just down the block.

In a state like Colorado with so many dispensaries and easy access to marijuana by medical users, it is only logical that some pot users who smoke illegally are getting their pot from these dispensaries, possibly through a caregiver status or in another way. In addition, states with legal medical marijuana use have had to eradicate millions of illegal plants grown on public lands. Colorado’s elimination of these plants “has more than tripled in the past five years,” according to The Denver Post. This definitely points to increased marijuana use in Colorado.

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