Area Rugs Online Buying Guide

Looking for a quick, easy way to give your home a decorating facelift? Adding a new rug is your perfect solution. You can completely change the look and feel of a room just by changing your floor coverings… many people even change their area rugs according to the seasons! But if you’re shopping for area rugs online, choosing the right one can be more difficult than you think. This guide will help you find the right rug for you.

First, know what style you’re looking for. Online, you’ll find area rugs categorized by style. Generally, they are categorized as follows:

Contemporary: These usually have geometric shapes, stripes, blocks or other minimalist designs and come in brighter colors. Many designer rugs are contemporary.
Casual: These are either all one color or one color with a border, and are usually natural area rugs that use materials such as sisal, wool, jute, bamboo and leather shag.
Country: These generally have floral patterns, or motifs such as farm animals or garden items like fruits and vegetables. They usually use earthy tones along with some bolder colors.
Traditional: These usually look like oriental rugs, with similar patterns and colors and very detailed designs.

Next, you need to have a good idea of the size range you are looking for. Don’t guess! Using a rug that is too big or too small for your room and furniture can totally throw the entire look and feel of the room off. It’s all about balance! The best way to figure this out is to measure the area you want to place the rug in. Look at a few common sizes online, and then tape the dimensions out on the floor with a low tack painters tape, or lay out newspaper in the same shape and size as the rug you’re interested in. This will let you see what a floor covering of that size will actually look like, and how it will affect the balance of your room decor.

If you want to place the rug in the center of the room, you want to make sure that it extends to all of the furniture that sits around the edges of your room. If it doesn’t, then it will look out of place… like it is floating somewhere in the middle of the floor with no purpose.

Most area rugs are rectangular. If you find yourself drawn to differently shaped area rugs online, then that’s okay! Square, oval and round rugs come in all the same styles. Just make sure that you tape out the dimensions on your floor before you buy. Round and oval rugs are measured in their diameter rather than by width and length. Round and oval rugs look great in the dining room under round or rectangular tables.

Finally, find out how to care for the rug. You want something that will stand up to the ind of foot traffic you get in your room, and that you can vacuum and clean easily. There’s no point in buying a gorgeous rug that it turns out you have to keep the dog off of, and that has to be dry-cleaned!

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