Amazoy Zoysia Grass – Grass That Grows Anywhere

Amazoy zoysia grass is known for its ability to grow in difficult soil conditions. It is popular with those who have water restrictions as once it has taken root, it can grow in rocky, salty and sandy soils.

The Amazoy grass is derived from the gras online kaufen original Meyer strain which was discovered in Korea a few decades ago. The plant was brought back to the United States and has become popular in the southern climates.

Amazoy is planted as “plugs” in the ground. They do not come in the seed form. The success rate of growth is much higher with the plugs, which are small tufts of grass. These plugs are planted approximately twelve inches apart, then spread out over the summer. A complete covering of the lawn will take approximately two seasons of growth.

The grass plugs are planted in the spring and can be purchase online. The plugs are harvested fresh each day and are shipped the same day that they are harvested. When you receive your grass, you can easily separate the plugs and begin planting. Most people plant them eight to twelve inches apart but if you want faster coverage then you can plant them closer together.

Watch out as it does spread and you will want to ensure that it doesn’t grow into areas where it isn’t wanted (such as your neighbor’s yard!).

During the winter, if the climate gets too cool, the grass will turn brown and go dormant. Once the warm weather returns, the lawn will turn back to a lush green. There is a special fertilizer to be used with zoysia grass, but the grass truly needs very little maintenance.

Zoysia grass is found in the southern United States and has become quite popular throughout Florida, California and Texas. You will also see its popularity grow in places like Georgia and Virginia. The reason people using this product is because there is little work in maintaining the lawn and the number of time you have to mow the lawn is basically cut in half.

In summary, the grass is…


  • inexpensive to purchase
  • easy to plant
  • grows in difficult soils conditions (salty, sandy, rocky)
  • requires little water once it has taken root
  • maintenance is low (significant reduction of mowing the lawn)


The Amazoy (or original strain) zoysia grass is definitely worth considering for anyone’s property. It pretty much grows anywhere, in most soil conditions, as long as it is in the warmer part of the United States.


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